fine art sculptures

Where did you get permission for the release of art images made by different people?

Art Memphis makes sure that its operation is fully in legal terms. Our local government helps us secure all the permits that we need. We also asked for the help of the historical commission so we can legally release these art works in public. For works of those people who were already deceased, we ask for the permission of their families. But relatively, our operation is legalized by the government.


How do you preserve the beauty of these art pieces?

We are using a high-standard technology to preserve thee art works. We are very much concern with our pieces and we want to preserve the effort of the people behind it. That’s why we are really careful when dealing with this art works.


Is your website free?

Yes. We want to reach out more people and we want to be accessible by everyone. That is why we want our services to be free for them. What matters to us the most is the ability of the artworks in our gallery to be inspiration and lesson to our online readers. That is why exploring or website is free.


How do you maintain the site if it’s free?

Art Memphis is an online website made by resourceful and talented staff. Through their talents, we are able to have sponsors and partner s that help us maintain our website. We are in contact with private individuals, corporations and even the government so keep this website running.


Can we contribute to your gallery?

Definitely! We are encouraging users to contribute to our gallery and be part of our mission to help teach art appreciation in different ways. We want to have an interaction between our readers and our website.